10/10/10 List

I subscribe to Cheryl Richardson’s (author and motivational speaker) weekly newsletters and I really enjoy them! They’re positive, uplifting and inspiring. A recent one really tickled my fancy and it used the date 10/10/10 for inspiration. The following activity is all Cheryl’s idea and all credit goes to her. I thought it was neat and wanted to share it with you.

Cheryl calls this her “10/10/10” list and the activity is a helpful reflection and a “taking inventory” of sorts that we all need to do occasionally. The first list she suggests we make is ten things to say, ‘yes’ to in your life. The second list is ten things we feel we should say ‘no’ to and then the final list is ten things that contribute to a good life. In Cheryl’s newsletter she made her lists and shared it with her readers. Since this is my newsletter I will share my list with you to help get you started.

Ten things for me to say, ‘yes’ to more often:

  • Invitations from friends to get together
  • My dogs’ when they want to play
  • The child that comes to the door raising money for their school
  • Opportunities to live outside my comfort zone
  • Going to more art gallery openings
  • Staying in bed a few minutes longer because my cat is asleep on my chest
  • Buying caramel apples and enjoying each bite
  • A bonfire on a cool fall evening
  • Turning off the TV and chatting instead
  • All the awesome goodness that’s waiting for me to be open to receive it

Ten things for me to say ‘no’ to:

  • The temptation to gossip
  • A large bowl of ice cream when a small one will do
  • People who drain my energy
  • Judging others
  • Doing things mindlessly
  • Charging too little for my services
  • Filling my “plate” too full of activities
  • Soda and milk (more to come about milk in the future)
  • Negativity in general
  • Doing things that don’t feel right to do

Ten things that contribute to a good life for me:

  • Exercising and doing yoga
  • Plenty of time with my family
  • Knowing and honoring my boundaries & limits
  • Getting plenty of water each day
  • Smiling at everyone I see
  • 8+ hours of sleep each night
  • Taking time to enjoy silence & nature
  • A good glass of red wine
  • A long weekend out of town
  • Getting regular chiropractic adjustments

Take a bit of time to make your “10/10/10” lists. They help put things in perspective and make decisions easier. A big thanks to Cheryl Richardson for her great inspiring idea and all the wonderful work she does to make the world a better place.