Allergy Sufferers Listen Up

It's safe to say that everyone loves spring with its warmer temps, greener grass and blooming flowers. But with the blooming flowers and trees comes allergy season when we find ourselves sneezing, rubbing our eyes and dealing with an array of sinus issues. If you are one the many who suffers from sinus issues and you’re tired of popping medication that makes you feel funky, consider using a Neti pot.

A Neti pot is a small teapot or magic lamp shaped container used to flush out and clean your nasal passages. It originated in the Ayurvedic/yoga medical tradition. Now using one may sound strange and a bit scary but as a Neti pot user myself, my sinuses are so clear and happy when I use my Neti pot nightly during allergy season. You can purchase a Neti pot of your own at most health food stores and online. They come with an instruction sheet but basically you fill the Neti pot with pretty warm water and salt designed for the pot, not table salt, stir until dissolved and then insert the spout of the pot into one nostril, bend over the sink and tilt your head until the water begins to drain out the other nostril. You will not drown.

At this point I may have frightened you into never trying it but if I can do it so can you. By using the Neti pot I have happy clean cilia, the nasal hairs that get congested with allergens and mucus, clear sinuses, fewer headaches and I don’t have to take over the counter pills that make me feel weird.

I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable spring and the courage to lessen your sinus suffering by using a Neti pot.