Dirty Dozen

Many families are buying more organic produce than conventional, non-organic, but navigating the world of organics can be very confusing. Like many subjects there is a spectrum and organic produce is no different. On one end of the spectrum you will find a consumer who buys all their fruits and veggies from the organic section. At the other end you will find a consumer who wants to buy organic but is paralyzed from mixed media messages and so rarely shops the organic section.

I believe you need to do what feels right for you and your family, period. There is so much confusing information about organic produce, and learning about the Dirty Dozen simplified my grocery shopping. Studies were done on a wide number of fruits and veggies to see which items absorbed pesticides and how much they actually absorbed. The twelve fruits and veggies that absorbed the highest levels of pesticides became known as the Dirty Dozen.

The worst offender of the Dirty Dozen is the peach. The studies show that even the pit contained pesticides! Wow, the pit.