Face Time

We seem to be in a contest of sorts to see who can be the busiest person we know. Like we'll win a great prize of some sort or feel more valuable and worthwhile as a person! And while we’re busy doing a bunch of important and not so important things we feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our friends, families and lives. We think to ourselves, “This cannot be how life is meant to be lived.” You are so right; it’s not.

You weren’t born to accomplish a daily list of “to-dos” and then die one day lonely and exhausted. I truly believe that we were meant to enjoy the experiences life has to offer. Spending time with those we love and care about is one of life’s best occasions. When we say, “yes” to every little thing that comes our way we end up saying “no” to our spirits and souls and the important face-time we really need to be happy and healthy people.

When was the last time you called up a friend to go for a walk, catch up over coffee, meet for a beer or glass of wine or picked up the phone to call rather than text or email? I promise that your life will be so much richer and fuller when you say yes to moments of reconnecting rather than mindlessly rushing through your day. The one who dies with the most toys does not win. Enjoy your life; it is a gift. If you see me around town let’s chat.