Relaxing More with Wabi Sabi

For most of my life I’ve strived for perfection in all areas of my life, which left me exhausted and unsatisfied because nothing was good enough as it was. Through introspection and just knowing there had to be a better and gentler way to live, I’ve really loosened up. I came across a term that encompasses the new way I am living and it’s called wabi sabi.

Wabi sabi is the Japanese art of appreciating the beauty in the naturally imperfect world. For example, I have two awesome Labradors, Gus and Coco and where there’re labs, there will be dog hair. Before wabi sabi I would have freaked out about their hair everywhere; now I appreciate the joy of having these two wonderful creatures of unconditional love that just so happen to come with lots of hair. I have them groomed, vacuum and all the while, accept that a good life is often messy. No need to get my undies in a bundle.

Wabi sabi also means enjoying the beauty in simplicity. That might mean appreciating the brilliant colors of fall, the warmth of a hot cup of tea or cocoa or the magnificence of a simple and healthy dinner with friends. At some point many of us may have equated perfection to security and protection against our personal “boogie men.” Hopefully sooner rather than later, we realize that perfection is an illusion and if we face our “boogie men” head on, it is less scary.

Because of wabi sabi, I appreciate the occasional unmade bed, choose to leave the dishes in the sink and opt for more quiet conversation, and the brown and yellow dog hair that accompanies two of the greatest blessings in my life.