The Perfect Pill

There are three things that can help you have a better day: a supportive mattress, quality shoes, and most importantly a pillow that keeps your neck in alignment.

I work with countless clients who come to me for help with neck and shoulder tension. We truly carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and that tension takes a toll! We spend hours hunched over our computers, lug around heavy purses and bags, and sleep on unsupportive pillows.

The first two factors I cannot do much about except to tell you to clean out your bags and purses, carry only what you honestly need and if your company offers ergonomic assessments, request one. Now for the pillow issue, I can make a great suggestion to help you wake up with fewer neck aches.

I was in a car accident over 15 years ago and suffered whiplash and subsequent headaches so I understand the importance of a good pillow. Over those 15+ years I've tried at least that many pillows with different materials inside. The contents of most pillows do not give you the support your neck needs and you wind up having to "remush" your pillow throughout the night or worse yet, using two pillows.

What your neck needs most when you're sleeping is to stay in alignment and if you're waking up with tension or headaches, due to a bad pillow, it's time for a change.

My all time favorite pillow can be found at a well-liked store, Target. I cannot say enough about their memory foam pillows! The memory foam forms to your neck and gives you much needed support and alignment whether you sleep on your back or side. The other reason I love it is the price, $39.99. Many memory foam pillows can be $100+, which is highway robbery!

Helping yourself have a better day and happier neck is as easy as getting a memory foam pillow from Target. Run don't walk to your favorite store and start sleeping more like an angel.

P.S.- I was not compensated by Target for this recommendation but I would not be above that :)