The Truth About Clutter

Clutter is a collection of decisions we have put off making. Reread that statement and think about it for a moment.

Where do you put something that does not have a home?

Where do unintended purchases go?

If you have had a long day where do you put the mail, your purse and laptop bag?

The common answer for these questions is, “I’ll figure it out later.” But “later” often does not come and the piles of clutter grow as does your guilt and frustration about them.

The best thing you can do to eliminate the clutter is to make a decision about each item and act on it. I guarantee you will spend more time ignoring and denying your “collection of decisions” than it will take to act on them. In addition to your wasted time is your wasted energy; both are too precious to throw away on clutter. Do not try to tackle a whole room. Start with a desk drawer or shelf and make a decision about each item you touch. Do you want to keep, donate, give away, sell, recycle or pitch each item? Within 20 seconds of holding an item you will have your honest answer about what to do with it.

So start with a small area and make the decisions, even if you make decisions all day at work or home. Then act on them and watch your clutter areas disappear in front of your eyes. And last but definitely not least, enjoy your new uncluttered areas and the peace of mind they will bring.